Contemporary Landscape

Gillian McDonald

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Shoreline II
Farm On The Loch
Stone Croft
Parrog 1
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Will Taylor

(From original lino cuts)

Evening Glow
Hand Framed To Order
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Herve Fenouil/Bower

Santa Maria Della Salute
By: Herve Fenouil/Bower
San Marco
Fishing Boats
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Eithne Donne

In The Luberon
San Gimignano, Tuscany
Tuscan Campagna
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Natalie Burns

:Slater's Bridge Little Langdale
:Ashness Bridge And Skiddaw
: Ennerdale Sunrise
:Looking Down On Buttermere
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Ivan Rabuzin

Paesaggio Azzurro
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Helen Alling

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Eugene Boudin

Le Havre
Le Crotoy
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Charles Camoin

The Port
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CT Stanfield Moore  1853-1901

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Hazel Barker

Flax Field, Provence
Montefiori, Tuscany
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John Miller

Scilly Whites
By: John Miller
November Sandspur
The Last Voyage Of The SS4S
Evening Trawler
Morning Return
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Rowland Hilder 1905-1993

Newhaven Harbour
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Stephen Mangan

A Gentle Breeze
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Werner Eick

Lakescene I
Lakescene II
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Clothylde Vergnes

High Winter
Still Water
Autumn Tapestry
Summer Tapestry
Fairy Hill
Beach Huts
Approaching Storm
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Sue Howells

In Harmony
School Is Out
Alianti Amalfi
Hugs And Kisses
Don't Pull So Hard
Buon Giorno Venezia
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Unkown Artists 

Palazzo Loredan
By: Unknown
A Venetian Discovery
By: Unknown
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Adelene Fletcher 

Hillside Villa
By: Adelene Fletcher
Cranberry Fields
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John Haskins

Lunch In Venice
By: John Haskins
Across To San Giorgio
By: John Haskins
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Jakob Steinhardt 1887-1968

Le Mourillon
By: Jakob Steinhardt
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Karoly Patko 1895-1941

Bay Of Cetare, Italy
By: Karoly Patko
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Various Artists

High Noon
By: Pedro Alvarez
East West Graphics
By: Kenji Hikkaduwa
Bains Des Mers
By: C M Erlenbach
Seven Island
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David Curtis

The River Bed Staithes
By: David Curtis
Late Winter Light
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John Yardley

San Marco, Venice
By: John Yardley
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Joyce Kamikura

Dust Of Blossoms
By: Joyce Kamikura
Potter's Delight
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Nancy O'Toole

Woodland Magic
By: Nancy O'Toole
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Henri Deuil

Le Ve'lo Bleu
By: Henri Deuil
In The Shades Of The Cabins
Il De Noirmoutier
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Philippe Janin/Bower

By: Philippe Jean/Bower
En Luberon
Retorur Du Printemps
Fuite De Lavande
Domaine Provencal
Couleurs D'Ete
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Nicole Clement

Fleurs A Couper
By: Nicole Clement
Fleurs Au Petit Varembe
Les Fleurs De Gy
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Jo Witherington

Limited Edition Print

Longdale Pikes
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£8.95 each

Hardknott Pass
Scafell Pike
Great Langdale
Lake District
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Aldo Gerosa

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Bernhard Vogel

Rio Dei Greci
By: Bernhard Vogel
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D F Dune

By: D F Dune
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Hans Paus 

By: Hans Paus
Serene II
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Lydia Bauman

Flax Field In France
By: Lydia Bauman
Poppy Fields In Spain
Flowering Orchard
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Marc Miranda

The Harbour
By: Marc Miranda
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Pierre Faucher

Rooftops Of Medine, Marrakesh
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Richard Barrett

Meeting Point
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William Cunnigham

Harvest Moon
By: William Cunnigham
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Harmony III
By: Key
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